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5 Ways to Make Your Room More Conducive to Restful Sleep

These days, a bedroom is not just a bedroom but an office, an entertainment area, a runway or a storage facility. The multipurpose way that people are using their sleeping areas is not conducive to good rest, nor a very calm living environment. While it may seem appealing to use your bedroom as the default arena for every aspect of your life, it should really be treated as a haven. Trust us- your mind and body will thank you for it. We’ve discussed the importance of good sleep in our previous article, but now, let’s talk about how to achieve it. While there are various lifestyle changes you can enact to promote better shut-eye, good sleep starts in the bedroom. Here are a few ways in which you can makeover your bedroom in order to benefit your slumber:

Change your room’s purpose

As we’ve mentioned, it’s important that bedrooms be used for sleep and sleep alone rather than for leisure or work. When you do other things in your bedroom, you associate the space with activity rather than relaxation. If you must do homework or watch Netflix in bed, at least try to limit these things within the few hours before you rest so you have ample time to wind down.

Limit electronics

Speaking of winding down, one of the greatest obstacles in doing so is using electronics right before bed. When we stare at phone, TV or computer screens, our brains produce less melatonin which is what helps us get and stay to sleep. This is because screens emit blue light, which messes with our circadian rhythm and overall alertness. While it’s ideal to completely eliminate electronics a few hours before bed, you can also install a blue light blocker than neutralises the intense colours on your screens past nightfall.


As they say, a cluttered environment is akin to a cluttered mind, and vice versa. As you’ve probably recognised during more hectic periods of your life, when our minds are full, we tend to have difficulty getting to sleep. While spring cleaning isn’t a quick fix solution to an overly crowded mind, it sure helps ease some of the symptoms. At least then you won’t be stressing about your dirty laundry in the corner when you should be counting sheep.

Opt for a relaxing interior design

Cleaning up your bedroom is one way to make it look more inviting. Some other tactics include repainting the walls a soothing shade such as blue, cream or light grey, hanging nice images on the walls, choosing plush bedroom furniture and arranging the space in a visually appealing way. As for more intense design choices like bright colours and bold prints, save it for a room that’s not used for sleeping.

Invest in a quality mattress

Finally, we will address to the most obvious element of a decent rest… A good mattress. Mattresses are the foundation of a good night’s sleep. And when you spend 8-plus hours a night on it, it’s important that you invest in a one that meets your needs. You need to find a mattress comfortable enough to send you to sleep and firm enough to support your frame while you’re dead to the world. We specifically designed Hugo to be the perfect balance of firm and soft. We love our mattress, and with our 3-month in-home trial we know you’ll fall in-love with it too. Visit our mattress page to learn more and don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions you’d like answered – we’re friendly like that.

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