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  • How much is delivery to me?
    It is 100% free!
  • Can I have custom shipping requirements?
    Sure thing! In some areas we can accommodate after hours delivery. Call us and we can help make your shipping dreams come true, hopefully.
  • How long does delivery take?
    Orders before 12PM are usually dispatched that day and Melbourne metro is same day delivery. East coast metro is 1 - 5 business days, rest of Australia is 1 - 10 business days. Feel free to contact us to find out your exact lead time. In the rare situation we're out of stock, made in Australia means we'll be back in stock in a jiffy.

    *Just like everyone else, we are sometimes experiencing delays in shipping times due to the impact of COVID-19. These delays are intermittent and hard to predict. If your mattress is taking longer than expected to arrive, please get in touch.


  • Once removed from the box, how long will Hugo take to return to size?
    Once he's out of the box, Hugo bloats faster than a lactose intolerant eating cheesecake. In other words, he'll expand to about 90% of his size within a minute, the last 10% will take a few hours.
  • What type of bed frame should I use?
    Hugo thrives on a firm flat surface. Bed slats, an ensemble base, your best mate's living room floor, all good options.
  • I’ve heard compressed mattresses can have an odour when opened?
    The smell comes from expanding a compressed foam based mattress. Hugo is made in Australia so it doesn't stay compressed for long. It's 'new car smell' is relatively mild in comparison to a product imported from overseas. If you can smell a little something once Hugo is out of the box, ventilate the room and it will pass shortly.
  • What should I do with my old mattress?
    Give us a call! We can help recommend a charity or recycling program in your area to take away your old sleeper.
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  • Is Hugo keto friendly?
    He’s definitely low carb but not recommended for human consumption.
  • Why does Hugo only come in one comfort feel?
    Hugo was born to simplify the process of a good night sleep, not make things more confusing. That's why we worked with experts to make one amazing mattress. We know you're going to love it.
  • Can one comfort feel really be suitable for everyone?
    We think you'll love Hugo as much as he loves you, but if you prefer to slumber on the concrete or siesta in a bag of marshmallows, Hugo might not be for you. Our 3 month trial is the perfect way to find out!
  • Why type of glue does Hugo use to hold the foam layers together?
    Hugo is bound together with a thin layer of water based glue between each layer of foam. We choose to use water based glue for health and environmental reasons.
  • How do you fit Hugo in that box?
    Pure muscle…and a giant compression machine. Because Hugo is made from such high quality foams, it can be compressed to fit inside the box and return to it's original shape when released.
  • Have you considered a pillow top for Hugo?
    A pillow top might feel great initially, but it does have it's drawbacks. Pillow tops are less supportive, with uneven wear and heat trapping over time.
  • Can I test Hugo in a showroom?
    We intentionally don't have Hugo available in any showrooms. We believe the showroom experience isn't a good indication of how well you will sleep on a mattress. That's why we offer our 3-month in-home trial, so you can sleep on Hugo in your own environment. Your bedroom is now the showroom.

Trial Period

  • How does the trial period work?
    If you purchase a Hugo and you're not loving it, we will give you a full refund within the first 3 months. Don't worry, you won't need to fit it back inside the box.
  • Is 3 months long enough for a trial?
    It should take you about a month to adjust to your new mattress, if it's taking much longer than that, give us a call!


  • What is your return policy?
    If at any stage during the first 3 months you aren't stoked with Hugo, we will refund you 100% of your purchase price. We do ask you try him for a month or so first as it will take time to adjust to any new sleep surface. Terms and conditions.
  • Will you resell returned mattresses?
    Nope! We endeavour to donate all our returned mattresses to support those in need via the Salvos or seek out an alternative local charity.
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